Simple WordPress Themes are very famous and their demand is getting higher and higher. With the evolution and increased importance of user centric efficient user interfaces, simple wordpress themes have become the first choice of every business. Simple monotone colors have taken control over glossy and fancy gradients. Minimal textures, clean and visible lines, decent typography, subtle colors with minimum use of images and more reliance on css2 and css3 to create desired effect has really created an impact on the performance of the websites.

Websites are loading much quicker than before and more seo friendly. Higher CTR is expected using simple wordpress themes yet a powerful cms is working at the back-end to give you a great control over the how you want your content to be presented. Simple wordpress themes are easier to edit its look and feel as this is a mater of changing css only rather than working on complex graphic design. I have written many simple, clean and responsive wordpress themes roundups before but this particular roundup will really standout of those. Browse the themes below and drop your feedback in comments section.


Minimalia Simple WordPress Theme




True Pixel WordPress Theme

tru pixel



Sensational WordPress Theme




Sensational WordPress Theme

launcher theme demo



Simple WordPress Theme

simple wordpress themes



Splash WordPress Theme




Top WordPress Theme

top wordpress theme



Minimalist WordPress Theme




Metro WordPress Theme




Report Simple WordPress Theme




Urban Simple WordPress Theme




Boxline WordPress Theme




Trendy WordPress Theme




Fortune WordPress Theme




Nominal WordPress Theme