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Why You Should Not Use Photoshop Vs HTML/CSS

Now this is kinda bold topic to write about. I know I am going to hurt millions of Photoshop lovers. Photoshop is considered like a Goddess in design world. But… some serious questions are raised about it’s performance in last couple of years about it’s capability to produce quick iterations based on client’s feedback. We [&hellip

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Icon Font! A New Shift In Iconography For Web

Icon font is a relatively new term for web designers. Icons become so important when you design website layouts to beautify your designs as more simpler and flat designs are prevailing and design looks very boring if designer use simple text and solid colors. Therefore icons become a very important design element to spice up [&hellip

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HTML5 CSS3, Some Awesome Tutorials

Since resources of the web are unlimited the tutorials you will find are unlimited as well. We here at creative bumps have gathered the 23 top tutorials of html5 and css3 that we could find on the web. Since the designing industry is ever changing and the standards set out for website quality are rising. [&hellip

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Stunning Websites Collection 2012

Being a Web Designer I am always inspired by clean uncluttered website layout and design. A successful selling website design always consist of creative typography, intelligent color selection and a bunch of artistic graphics. The design should be clear and layout should be broad to let the visitor get maximum information with minimum effort

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CSS Hacks For Firefox

CSS hacks are often misunderstood wit IE hacks. Most of the designers look for IE hacks as IE has been a headache for the html coders community. But actually we need hacks for all major browsers and most important of them is Firefox. Firefox2 html>/**/body .selector, x:-moz-any-link { color:red; } Firefox3 html>/**/body .selector, x:-moz-any-link, x:default [&hellip

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Useful CSS Cheats To Simply Web Development

Today we are presenting css cheats for simplify your web development. These cheats can be helpful to saving your time and also can be useful to learn css in an easy way. We always encourage our readers to find all kind of things which can be more efficient in their design or development process. CSS cheats are helpful to [&hellip

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How to use CSS position attributes

The position lets you position your widgets or any graphic object to be placed on the screen location you want. Position has 4 attribute to server your purpose. Static Relative Absolute Fixed

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Browser Compatibility Testing

Browser compatibility is something which really is a frustrating th

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CSS Hacks (IE Hacks)

Conditional Comments This css tutorial will explain about Internet Explorer problems while designing a site. Internet Explorer does not support many of css tags and subject of most css hacks. Designers have to declare conditional comments to build a web and force IE to behave the way they want. The benefit of the conditional comments [&hellip

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Common IE Hacks

Internet Explorer has been a nightmare for XHTML CSS coders and it behaves really strangely. We designers usually use Firefox and keep testing our designs in ff and clapping with joy but when it turns to IE suddenly shoulders get down and eyes wide open to see some strange things on screen. Let me share [&hellip

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