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HTML5 CSS3, Some Awesome Tutorials

Since resources of the web are unlimited the tutorials you will find are unlimited as well. We here at creative bumps have gathered the 23 top tutorials of html5 and css3 that we could find on the web. Since the designing industry is ever changing and the standards set out for website quality are rising. [&hellip

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Stunning Websites Collection 2012

Being a Web Designer I am always inspired by clean uncluttered website layout and design. A successful selling website design always consist of creative typography, intelligent color selection and a bunch of artistic graphics. The design should be clear and layout should be broad to let the visitor get maximum information with minimum effort

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Browser Compatibility Testing

Browser compatibility is something which really is a frustrating th

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Common IE Hacks

Internet Explorer has been a nightmare for XHTML CSS coders and it behaves really strangely. We designers usually use Firefox and keep testing our designs in ff and clapping with joy but when it turns to IE suddenly shoulders get down and eyes wide open to see some strange things on screen. Let me share [&hellip

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Writing Semantic HTML

Semantic HTML means using HTML tags for their implied meaning, rather than just using (meaningless) div and span tags with classes for absolutely everything. Depending on the tag, the content in the tag can be interpreted in a certain way. Here are some examples. Semantic html can be helpful to optimize the site for search [&hellip

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20 Very Creative Website Designs

I have been surfing a lot in search of the new innovative and creative websites across the internet. This huge world of internet is full of crap as well as some awesome designs. While browsing I came across some very attractive and smartly done designs. I started creating my own repository and decided to share [&hellip

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40 Beautifully-Designed Navigation Menus

Website design is not a simple job to sit and start designing. You wont be able to finish or even start your design task before a strong planning and well designed architecture. The content should be separated across different categories. To serve this purpose you have to design navigation menus before you start doing the [&hellip

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